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Lavish Grace of Christ

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  • God has used Grace Church to be an anchor here in Abu Dhabi, where the church as a living organism, nurtures and encourages growth in the Lord; bearing one another's burdens and sharing in our joys in Christ.

  • Grace Church has shown me, probably for the first time, how the church really is your family & lifeline - where brothers & sisters with a common love for Christ, come together to love, care & serve one another, sharing one another's joys & burdens, in the most intimate way I have ever experienced.

  • Grace Church has reminded me that by offering ourselves, rather than sitting back because of our own perceived inadequacies, we are opened up to being used by God in ways we might not have imagined.

    Angus McIlmoyle
  • I just loved the close fellowship and especially sharing and praying for one another's burden, was blessed

  • The compassionate people of Grace Church have steered my faith to heart-satisfying joy and peace in the love of the Lord.

    Zach Gallman
  • Grace Church has helped me to be intentional about my quiet time one on one with our creator.

  • Grace Church has helped me understand what it means to fully trust God in all aspects of my life through the promises He has given us.

    Graham Humphrey
  • Grace Church has helped me learn God's promises, have an international Church family, and encouraged me to grow in a deeper love for my King

    Michelle G
  • My faith has been profoundly strengthened by finding promises in God's word to (combat/apply to) every burden, at the Grace Church home group meetings. My husband and I have found a faith family in Grace Church that meaningfully encourages each other in faith and daily life, and yet also gently challenges each other in holding to Jesus' (final) command (of reaching out and sharing His joyful message of salvation).

    Simone Humphrey
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